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Import any image from the web: Paste the URL and tchop will parse it. Ready to edit, comment, sort or publish. Cont……

#Messaging Apps emerge as growing force in #News Sharing: 23% of users find, share or discuss news through #apps >

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Great analysis - scary prospects.…

Great team work with colleagues from digame #esc2017 @OsramCOM #Lightvoting #Kiew #voting #highvelocity

Second semi final tonight and we´re back handling more votes than ever.. 💪🏼 #esc2017 @OsramCOM #AWS…

Feature alert: check out our new preview pages for any mix u like: - perfect to promote or……

Consumer vs. Employer Branding: 4 Main Differences - nice post from @SocialdiceME

Gartner Says Demand for #Enterprise #Mobile #Apps Will Outstrip Available Development Capacity Five to One

"When we look back in 2025, it will be incredible to think that mobile enterprise had less than $100 mn of revs jus…

Apple’s design is iconic enough for others to blatantly imitate, making it hard to escape its own ubiquity.

#smartphones swallowed everything, but future "devices are either very smart or very dumb" #IoT

November will see beta launch of another #fullstack platform design&developed by us! All about #photography #workflows #saas #cloud

Whole team still excited to dig deeper into energy business.. :-)

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How 3 publishers are using Instagram stories for visually compelling storytelling

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"Chatbots particularly well suited for mobile — perhaps more so than apps" -strange comparison IMHO @businessinsider

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thanks for the great work once again - the one and only habibi @thomasweyres…

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New #t3n is live! Yay! Great teamwork with great entrepreneurs! Much appreciated working with @AndyLenz @janchriste

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Founded in one of our internal #slack channels today.. :) #software #developer #pain

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‘The media is a food chain which would fall apart without local newspapers’